Terms and Conditions:

§1 Applicability

These terms and conditions are applicable to all orders and the contractual partner (mentioned as „customer“) in the valid version at the point in time of the order.

§2 Ordering/ Purchasing on FastSpring Store

2.1 Eligibility to order/purchase

No order will be accepted until the customer have accepted these Terms & Conditions at FastSpring Store

2.2 With whom is the Agreement concluded?

The following terms and conditions according to a conclusion of an contract apply to all orders via our webshop https://sites.fastspring.com/muletoneaudio/product/muletoneaudiostore

2.3 How to order

The presentation of our products at our online shop are not a legally binding contract offer – it is only a non-binding invitation to the customer to order products. By ordering the desired products, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude the sales contract on FastSpring Store.

In order to place an order at our shop the following rules apply: The customer makes a binding offer and will run through our online shop ordering procedure, which is as follows:
* By clicking the button “buy now”, the customer is directed to the fastspring page, where he can choose and make the purchase of the product.
* Checking the information in cart.
* Pressing the button “checkout”.
* Enter your personal data and select the payment method.
* Binding submission of your order.
* After receiving the payment, the Fastspring will send a link with the product download to the customer. This procedure acknowledges the receipt of your order and accept it.

§4 Prices, payment

The customer has the option of executing the payment via credit card, Paypal or Amzon. All payments will be processed by FastSpring.(www.fastspring.com).

§4 Delivery

Unless noted otherwise in the product description, all of our products are available for download.

§5 Retention of Title

We reserve the ownership of the product until full payment of the purchase price.