All the details of a Musser M-55 Pro Vibraphone. Recording by the great vibraphonist Fred Selva.

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Brazilian Series: Trombone

Brazilian Series Trombone arrives with a variety of phrasing and improvising.

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Upright Piano

The Essenfelder 1975 was recorded at Galeria Resistor, a Vintage Art Space in Belo Horizonte.

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Brazilian Series: Surdo 2

The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides.

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Three different models were used in this recording. Cajon Pithy, Tierrapiano and Cletto.

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Brazilian Series: Bacurinha

The Bacurinha emerged in the 90s, having a smaller size than the Repinique. Designed mainly for Axé.

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Brazilian Series Bundle

A variety of seventeen authentic percussion instruments. *FULL Version of Kontakt 6.8 or above is required.

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“If you love World percussion virtual instruments and you like Brazil then you need to know Muletone Audio because they make the very best ones.”

Reid Rosefelt - NY Film Publicist - Brooklin, US

“This is a nice, well-played kit with considerable nuance. I compared this with XLN’s Addictive Drums Jazz Brushes, and Muletone is so much more subtle and real.”

Thomas Owens - Drums - Loot Audio Review

“I really do love what you make, the instruments sound terrific! And I appreciate the customer support. “

Jonathan Natchez - LA Producer - California, US

“Sounds Great! Sound Authentic! I am using a Cuica for a remix of a song and it definitely brought out the life of the song! Love it!

David Garza - Loot Audio Review

Lifelike drums! The sound of this drum lib is amazing and if you, lie me, are into jazz and derivate styles, you’re gonna love this!

Andy Backelund - Drums - Loot Audio Review

“Really natural sounding Brazilian percussion. I bought this to do some dance/club music in the style of Buraka Sound System”

Jer Olsen - Loot Audio Review